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cheap bus tickets


1. To make a payment one of the following methods on the right side during the finalization of the contract, you must select the method of payment and must have adequate funds in your account.

2. After receiving the authorization response (acceptance or rejection of) the system is returned information about the status of the transaction. No such status means that the transaction never took place. In the absence of confirmation of transactions and the retention of funds in your account is needed to contact customer service @ bilet.online voyager.pl

3. All payment information is sent via a secure SSL encrypted connection. Credit Card Authorization, and all the information of the card are transmitted directly between the customer and the service autoryzacyjnym PolCard or Ecard. In the case of electronic funds transfer to pay the wire transfer information shall be transmitted directly between the customer and the bank.

4. Please note that after successful completion of the transaction to buy tickets to print an electronic ticket or confirmation made changes on the ticket, what is your proof of right to use the carriage. In the case of tourism policy is sufficient to remember the number. EURO26 card is sent to the customer's home address.

Currently available forms of payment:

1 - VISA, MasterCard, EuroCard,
2 - E-card, Polcard
3 - mTransfer (mBank)
4 - (PKO BP Inteligo)
5 - MultiTransfer (MultiBank)
6 - Przelew24 (BZWBK)
7 - Bank (BPH)


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